Prevention Tips

Refrigeration / Freezer systems

Keep the fridge clean and free from bacterial growths or moulds.

Make sure that there is adequate ventilation around the compressor motor.

Keep the thermostat setting to Med or setting No.3.

Defrost the fridge periodically to remove any ice build-up.

Never use any kind of sharp tools or try to pull ice to speed up the defrost process, this should be done by time and let it to defrost naturally. Any other interventions will damage the fridge.

Never put heavy bottles on the front door, this will permanently damage the hinges.

When the fridge is not in use, during winter, defrost and clean the interior with warm water and some liquid soap and let it dry completely and leave the door open to avoid unpleasant odours.

Any refrigeration system needs to be checked and serviced at least once a year.

Ice makers

Make sure to have adequate ventilation, poor ventilation leads to lack of ice production and other major damages.

Make sure that the water intake to the ice maker is clean and free from bacteria. A water softener should be installed in line to remove unpleasant tastes. This has to be changed every season.

Never turn off the fresh water pump while the ice maker is in use.

For storage, switch off the fresh water pump and leave the ice maker on for about 2 hours, till it harvests the last water which is in the ice mold assembly.

This equipment needs to be serviced at least once every season.

Air conditioning Systems

Before turning on the air conditioning system make sure that the sea cock valve is open.

The sea cock should be serviced properly during the winter season, when the boat is on hard, to avoid any problems since this is installed bellow the sea water line.

Make sure to check and clean the water strainer at least every month to prevent any debris.

After starting up the A/c make sure that the sea water pump is working and water is flowing clearly.

Check and clean the air filters at least once a week, the filters are installed on each unit and sometimes there is another one on the front intake grill.

Remove any obstructions on the outlet vent grills.

Check if the drain pan is clear and free from dirt, the drain pan should be clear from condensate water. If the drain pan is not draining properly call a service technician.

This equipment should be serviced at least once a year to prevent any major problems the next season.

The last and most useful Tips:

Never leave to the last minute to call for service on any of the above equipment, or wait till you have problems before calling a service technician; this can be too late.

The best timing to have them checked and serviced is when the boat is not in use or before the season.

Never try to solve any problems alone if you donít know anything about the equipment. Trying to solve something by trial and error will lead to more problems and highly cost repairs.